April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Mexico’s oil frontier beckons new drillers in wake of new law

China seen buying Westinghouse reactors for $24 bln nuclear energy projects

Judge strikes Minnesota’s anti-coal energy law

China’s coal boom coming to an end

An in-depth look at the future of American energy and how we get there

US energy officials to review New England policy

Gulfport Energy putting $634M into Utica Shale play this year

Fracking splits green groups, workers

Range boosts Marcellus Shale production above 1 bcfd

Obama stymies oil and natural gas production on federal lands

House Republicans seek details from FERC on grid security

Tiny power plants hold promise for nuclear energy

Calpine to sell power plants to LS Power for $1.57 bln

Big changes coming for utilities


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