May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

In one of America’s biggest gas fields law rollback could deter industry

Regulators say Southwest blackout was avoidable

Power co-ops launch $5 mln smart grid project

Bringing convenience to electric cars with wireless charging

Even with EPA rule, two Cornell professors say shale footprint greater than coal

FirstEnergy will keep older plants open until 2015, launch nearly $1 bln in transmission upgrades

Supply glut drives Europe coal prices to two-year low

Wyoming coal mines cut production due to weak demand

Walter Energy creating 530 jobs in Alabama

Cape May County coal-fired plant to switch to natural gas

Spanish planned nuclear power shutdowns for 2012

Power shortages expected in Japan

Electric vehicle charging station opens in Conn.

Navy nears power deal to help avoid Calif. blackouts

Statewide electric transmission study identifies ways to improve system


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