April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Taking lessons from Texas

New Penelec program pays businesses to reduce their demand for electricity

Nat gas prices unsustainable for future growth, says poll

Cities see electric mobility as critical to future

NRC recommends renewing license for the Pilgrim Nuclear Station

Energy transfer to buy Sunoco for $5.3 bln

Constellation’s three coal plants to find new owner by year’s end

PECO investing $3 mln on underground cable improvements

AEP disputes linking plans to deaths

Japan’s power utilities post record losses 2011-12

Merkel meets energy execs on power plant construction

Japan to seize Tepco on same terms as 2003 Resona rescue

Utilities face ‘age of the consumer’


April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

Consol defends its gas wager

Politics stand in the way of nuclear plant’s future

NERC, EPRI release open source code to analyze GICs

NRC assures plant’s safety

FERC approves coordinated transaction scheduling between regional system operators

Panel endorses Clark for FERC

Coal’s future is rocky at best

EPA video reveals scary crusade against affordable, reliable energy

ComEd aims to deploy 4 million smart meters in next decade

Dominion building power plants to meet Virginia growth

Natural gas is on a roll, executive declares

Tepco agrees to sell controlling stake to government

Nation’s aging grid needs billions of dollars in investment, report says


April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

Romney rips Obama for “onslaught” of energy regulations

Alstom’s integrated distribution management system selected for Maui smart grid project

GE partners with tiny Arista Power to dominate huge energy storage market

NERC names new general counsel

Lack of storage seen as major barrier to gas price recovery

NRC director recommends Pilgrim license be renewed

NRC nomination battle hurts workforce morale

FERC proposes to adopt standards on demand response, energy efficiency

Transmission providers have mixed reaction to cost allocation

Coal no longer king as Southern speeds switch to gas-fired power

PSC approves Mississippi Power’s Kemper coal plant

Refinery promises no Mideast oil imports

Rosatom could build two new nuclear power stations in Britain

PacifiCorp to spend $1 bln upgrading coal power fleet

DeLand getting electric vehicle charging stations downtown


April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

Enlarged natural gas line proposed for N.E.

Maine regulators pave way for U.S. tidal power

As demand rises, Ohio steel mills shake off rust and expand

Electric ticker offers real time power pricing

Energy security professionals split on federal oversight for smart grid

UK smart grid could create jobs, help economy

PG&E customers can pay more to be greener 

Brattle economists recommend for seams cost allocation

Coal of Africa moves first production for export

Miss. could reapprove coal plant

E. ON sees no power impact from French strike

Coal will be just 50 percent of AEP generation in 2020: CEO

US can lead in energy, GE’s Immelt says

Clean energy requirements targeted by ALEC, Norquist

Exelon generation exec appointed to Board of Directors of Constellation Energy Nuclear group

FirstEnergy offers maps online of power outages

German utilities build, revamp power plants

Challenges face U.S. coal-fired plant projects


April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

FirstEnergy storm restoration process supports efficient response to spring snowstorm

Industry cannot intervene in PA zoning case

PS&G workers maintain power grid from aloft

NERC names new general counsel

NRC sets North Anna nuclear safety performance meeting

FERC members suggests window for US LNG exports may not last long

Coal seen rebounding as China sets steel output record

Shell lifts Cove Energy bid to $1.8 bln

PPL sues EPA to keep upgrades private

Edison Mission Group and Nebraska Public Power District announce construction of new wind farm

Power line from Quebec to Astoria draws mixed reviews

Power Center Capacity ramp-up for conventional generation

Utilities in Kentucky to spend billions to meet new EPA rules

Energy companies seek to develop reactors in Mo.


April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Water company uses flow to create electricity

Marcellus Shale will aid state manufacturing 

Customers need energy data fast

Grid woes hurting India’s economic growth

NRC chairman denies he mistreats women

Feds and utilities face off over pulse threat coming in 2014

FERC calls NERC proposal on permissible load shedding vague, unenforceable

Working at the coal mine; building a business on anthracite

Killing King Coal

Icahn updates information regarding tender offer to acquire CVR Energy

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to begin providing residential customers with Exelon rate credit in May

FirstEnergy fires back at AEP ad

Power line construction begins in Springfield, Richland

Utilities crank up programs to save power during heat waves

Dover approves Calpine site plan

April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012

EPA regulation of the electricity sector: the sky is not falling

PECO education program receives Governor’s award for environmental excellence

Smaller manufacturers take advantage of energy deregulation

Washington & Jefferson to open center for energy policy and management

Electric cars: big climate aid in L.A. but not Wichita

California approves $454 million for utility demand-response spending 

White House to renominate NRC’s Svinicki

New World Resources gains with coal as German confidence rises

Energy companies seek to develop reactors in Mo.

Obama and Romney on energy, environmental issues

Ariz. regulators approve NM power plant purchase

Shaw and Westinghouse receive final notice to proceed on V.C. Summer nuclear power plant


April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012

U.S. energy independence in 15 years?

FirstEnergy names Marlene Barwood assistant controller

A big step forward for liquefied gas exports

Navigating the smart grid middle mile

House passes amendment to give states, not EPA, control over coal ash

Senate GOP leader: NRC commissioner targeted for role as whistle-blower against agency chief

FERC approves LNG export project

FERC may be working toward June ruling on Duke-Progress deal

US coal exports to China may double in 2012

Coal to make power’s future brighter?

NJ local officials seek more energy tax money

PPL will rebuild turbine plant, creating electricity to sell to Allentown

Columbia power plant scrubbers installation in progress

State-backed fund official seen heading Tepco

April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012

Downtown catching eyes of energy firms

Smart Grid R&D: the beat goes on

B&W gets thumbs up from NRC

IESO goes live with MetricStream GRC and NERC compliance solution

Exxon wins order for FERC to reconsider pipeline rates

Cheap energy prices leading companies East

Wind energy outlook bleak for U.S., Europe

FirstEnergy Ohio utilities to extend electric security plan

Dungeness nuclear power plant reaches decommissioning milestone

Shipments of coal to power plants fall to 18-year low

American Electric Power invades FirstEnergy territory looking for customers

Battery-powered autos prove a tough sell

Japan still divided over nuclear power after Fukushima

Maryland approves electric reliability standards


April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

PA utility plans sharp increase in capital spending

Are EVs worth it?

Electric, hybrid cars seek sales action

Japan may be atomic free next month after shutdown

God gave us fracking

FERC approves Cheniere export terminal

PPL acquires AES Corp units

PECO ‘smart’ meters to help resolve power outages, help consumers save

Benefit of electric cars found to vary by location

Nuclear energy initiative fails to meet ballot deadline

On the smart grid, a watt saved is a watt earned

PA regulators set forum on vehicles using electricity and natural gas